Providing Impaired Risk and Term Life insurance solutions that offer the best in coverage and protection to meet every need.


Most people believe that they pose little risk for the purchase of life insurance. But risk is relative - and doesn't always spring from a medical issue. High Risk can also include a history such as death of a parent, especially if that death was due to early onset of coronary disease. At Excalibur - we can help you navigate this often confusing landscape


Excalibur Brokerage provides easy and free instant life insurance quotes in 8 quick steps, and helps you find affordable term life insurance rates from multiple term life insurance policy providers.


Our team is dedicated to helping you grow your business by providing top notch programs and services that makes it easy to get the quality insurance (life, disability, long term care, including medicare supplements) and annuity products you need to service existing and capture new clients.



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 Trying to find the right solutions  to meet your specific insurance needs isn’t easy in  this  insurance maze. Whether you are a broker or consumer, there seems to be no end to insurance companies offering THEIR ready made solutions without understanding YOUR needs. Whatever you seek  – from Final Expense to Impaired Risk, Term Life or Whole Life, Guaranteed Issue Insurance to Long Term Care, Disability Insurance to Annuities = Excalibur Brokerage Agency can meet those needs! We search out solutions to analyze  your needs against a broad spectrum of products and companies before providing you with an illustrative quote or comparison to review. Our goal is to provide you  the best solutions that will satisfy your insurance needs, at the lowest available cost. When it comes to critical decisions that affect YOUR life, would you choose a rookie to guide you, or specialists with decades of experience and the right tools to do the best job possible?


We are specialists, offering all forms of life and health insurance, from the impaired risk marketplace for people with health issues, to Traditional Life, Low Cost Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care, and Annuities. 

 Quality Affordable Life Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Cheap Life Insurance.

When you’re on your own, finding affordable Insurance for you and your family or clients can be a challenge. That’s why we offer insurance options that are easy to understand and flexible enough to fit your unique needs.

 Simplify the process with Excalibur Brokerage Agency. Get a FREE Individual Life Insurance Quote.

Your insurance needs are as unique as you are. Excalibur offers a variety of customize-able plans and coverage options to complement the life you live.

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Excalibur  only quotes Insurance products from companies rated excellent or better for financial stability.

 When shopping for a home or a car, everyone comparison shops. Insurance Is no different.When choosing an insurance product, you want to secure the best rate for the best product. And while many insurers offer same or similar coverage – we can show you the one that best fits YOU This is our expertise! We don’t just send you a quote.  We also walk you through all the details from quote to coverage to claim. For your FREE Term Life Insurance Quote from Excalibur Brokerage, Click here (link).



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